Non-state professional association uniting leading Russian marketing companies specializing in providing innovative marketing services for the development of small and medium businesses.


Consolidate innovative developments, business-ideas, state opportunities and scientific potential to reach the common aim of society members.
Goal: Stable development of Russian economy and civil society on the basis of efficient use of small and medium businessess potential.

Development strategy:

  • Professional marketing analysis of regional and local situation.
  • Study of European and worldwide experience of work with small and medium business.
  • Elaborated effective criteria of selecting innovative marketing ideas.
  • Focused scientific ideas of advanced Institutions of Higher Education.

All of these courses are a basis for developing efficient business decisions which are offered for adoption both by business members and by federal and local authority. Successful marketing projects of Russia are ready for export to countries of Europe and the world as one of the components of improving the countrys image and attracting investments.

Structure of the union

Council  supervisory body which defines the strategic tasks of development, it is elected by the general meting. Key functions defining the aims of the UNIONs activity.
President and board  executive body which realizes the CPOs mission and tasks. Consequent of the CPOs mission the board consists of four vice-presidents who account for international relations, innovations, education and regional development.
Members  body corporates, namely: international and Russian marketing associations; marketing agencies which create innovations; institutions of higher education and study centres; companies and enterprises.

President of the union

Vadim Shiryaev

Council member of the Guild of marketing specialists. Master in the field of managing the distribution system (USA).Founder of BTLSTUDY. Managing Partner of UpGrape Solution.